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Real Estate

Real estate transactions are one of the most significant financial transactions that a person makes in their life. During the sale, purchase of a property, or the rental of a property, many and complex legal actions are required that aim to protect your interests as buyers, tenants, or as the owner of the property.

Therefore, especially in the field of real estate, it is of utmost importance to work with an attorney that has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the field of real estate.

We provide legal services that include consulting in planning and construction matters, managing negotiations with authorities, entrepreneurs, accompanying urban renewal projects – TMA 38, representing clients before local and district authorities and committees.


Areas of activity in real estate matters:

  • Drafting sales/purchase agreements
  • Legal advice in buying a new property
  • Drawing up purchase contracts with contractors or advising on existing contracts
  • Registration of real estate transactions and transfer of rights in real estate
  • Drafting rental agreements
  • Representation in leased eviction procedures / land eviction
  • Negotiations for the purchase of property
  • Escorting projects ofthe type: TMA 38 / eviction, construction / urban renewal
  • Legal representation in various real estate disputes
  • Real estate dispute settlement
  • Real estate consulting
  • Legal advice when buying, renting and selling properties



We provide comprehensive advice and support throughout the entire life cycle of a corporation.

Starting with the establishment of the company, drawing up founders’ agreement, incorporation documents, drawing up company articles of association, allocation of share capital and shareholder rights, issuances, annual and periodic meetings, change of share capital, appointment of directors, corporate governance and compliance matters, and ending with voluntary company liquidation procedures.


Labor and Employment Law

We provide ongoing advice and support to employees and employers, as far as human resource management is concerned. Other aspects that we handle include:

  • Assistance in formulating employment agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Drawing up cross-cutting work procedures and conduct procedures
  • Managing employment termination procedures including, escorting and representing for the purpose ofsubmitting applications for various permits from government offices (such as applications from the Commissioner for Women’s Work, work permits during the weekly rest and / or overtime).
  • Drafting confidentiality and non-competition agreements
  • Consulting in the employment of personnel contractors and service contractors, outsourcing, accompanying disciplinary procedures and procedures according to the law to prevent sexual harassment, providing solutions to a wide range of problems that arise during working life.
  • Management of complex litigation cases, class actions and injunctions
  • Representation inmediation and arbitration procedures and drafting compromise arrangements

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