Joint Custody

A joint custody attorney specializes in the field of family law and handles cases where, as a result of the dissolution of the family unit, visitation arrangements regarding the children must be established. The legislation does not refer to the status of the custodial parent in relation to the children, but to the manner in which he conducts himself towards them and his level of involvement and responsibility in managing their daily routine – providing dedicated care when they are sick, deciding which classes and activities they will participate in, coming to parents’ meetings, going shopping, and more.

An experienced joint custody attorney is aware that joint custody divides the responsibility for raising the children equally between the two parents. After consulting with a joint custody attorney, a detailed custody arrangement can be made that states that the children will physically live in each parent’s home between three and four times during the week so that their daily routine is actually done in two different homes.

Alimony and joint custody attorney

When should you contact an alimony and joint custody attorney? An attorney is a key figure in the design and labeling of the terms of the sighting arrangements. It is important to seek legal advice and assistance early on to prevent unnecessary legal proceedings and waste energy, time, and money. Attorney Ziv Beitel, an expert alimony and joint custody attorney, will be able to utilize his many years of professional experience in handling these cases for you.

Change in the field

In recent years, custody of the children was almost automatically given to the mother in divorce cases. Today, an important and significant change has been made in the whole issue of joint custody. This is due to the desire of the fathers to take a full and equal active part in raising the children, which will be legally anchored within the framework of an agreement made by a joint custody attorney. 

When conducting a divorce proceeding involving children, it is recommended that the couple conduct themselves in a respectful and sensitive manner to prevent further harm to the children. It is also recommended to seek legal advice and guidance from a joint custody attorney who will know how to examine all the factors objectively without emotions and considerations for ego.

In Conclusion

If you are currently dealing with or are about to enter into adivorce which involves determining custody of the children, contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to assist you in finding the ideal solution. These types of situations require the highest degree of sensitivity, and it is better to try to reach a settlement without the need to go to the legal courts. A professional and skilled joint custody attorney will be able to advise and help you reach a settlement at the best interests of the children after considering all the facts.

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