We were selected as a top 100 Dun’s attorney and are highly rated by our clients for our extreme dedication to working with them through their difficult situations.

Ziv is a professional at a rare level, you can lean back with complete confidence that this attorney and no other will represent you faithfully, professionally and with dedication. This is the best decision I’ve made so far and I’m so happy!!



I highly recommend Lawyer Ziv Beitel. A lawyer of his stature and above a champion knows the rulings straight and become very professional and straight as a level. After six and a half years of divorce with two children without alimony without sight arrangements and only I run from place to place to understand how and why in serious confusion in the failed treatment of lawyers I came to Beital in total despair and really from the first meeting spoke with such professionalism and understanding of things and really finally a family lawyer who understands and works True is amazing

שרה ברטוב

Ziv Beitel is a professional and quality lawyer, I received professional legal service until the desired results were achieved. I was well versed in all the legal aspects required in the procedure, was attentive and sensitive to everything, available for questions, consultations, I knew I was in good hands and it gave me peace of mind


I highly recommend Attorney Ziv Beitel. Expert and professional at a very high level. and understanding, something that is very important in the field of family law. Highly recommend


My case is a bit complicated and I am still in the process of handling it, and I have chosen several lawyers who are handling my case. The confidence I felt that came from the right place eliminated all doubt about my working with him. I was stuck with a number of things and I explained the situation to him, he is an attorney after all he works for his money, the contract is signed and he does not owe me anything, he wanted to move because the lawyer might destroy me right now because of a certain sensitivity. And the reason I chose him is because of his humanity. It is indicative of a person who sees a person and not money, who understands interest and knows how critical it is especially in such situations. I am grateful for having entered my life, I have no millimeter of doubt that he is the ideal person to let him deal with such sad and sensitive cases. And I am not naive at all, and I read excellent people and I felt unequivocally that he saw me and the real desire to help me


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